School Leadership Team

What is a School Leadership Team?

  • There must be an SLT in every New York City Public School. SLTs play a significant role in creating a structure for school-based decision making and shaping the path to a collaborative school culture. SLTs are a vehicle for developing school-based educational policies and ensuring that resources are aligned to implement those policies. Functioning in a collaborative manner, SLTs assist in the evaluation and assessment of a school’s educational programs and their affect on student achievement.

Who are the SLT members?

  • There are three members of the school community who must be members of the SLT:
    • Principal
    • Parent Association/Parent-Teacher Association President
    • United Federation of Teachers Chapter Leader
  • The other members are elected parents and staff members. The SLT must have an equal number of parents and staff.
  • The exact composition of a school’s SLT is stated in the team’s bylaws

What is the role of an SLT?

  • An SLT is responsible for developing a school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP). See the DOE’s iPlan portal to find your CEP.
  • Provide ongoing evaluations of a school’s educational programs and their impact on student achievement
  • Play an important role in school-based decision-making
  • Help to make school cultures more collaborative

How do SLTs make decisions?

  • SLTs must use consensus-based decision making. In this type of process, all participants contribute to and help shape the final decision. By listening closely to one another, members come up with solutions and proposals that work for the group.
  • This approach is empowering because each member has the opportunity to influence team decisions. When all members are able to voice their opinions and concerns, they are more likely to stay invested in and connected to the work of the team. This sets the stage for greater cooperation and mutual respect.

How many people are on an SLT?

  • An SLT should have a minimum of 10 members, and a maximum of 17 members. The exact number of members on a school’s SLT is stated in the team’s bylaws. Regardless of the total number, the SLT must have an equal number of parents and staff members.

What laws and regulations govern SLTs?

  • New York State Education Law Section 2590-h requires every New York City Public School to have a School Leadership Team. In addition, Chancellor’s Regulation A-655 (CR A-655) establishes guidelines to ensure the formation of effective SLTs in every New York City public school.

When does the P.S. 132 SLT meet?

  • Our SLT aims to meet on school grounds the third Tuesday of every month as the DOE calendar permits. Meeting days may be subject to change but will always posted, and members are expected to attend every meeting.

What is expected of members?

  • Attend and actively participate in SLT meetings
  • Communicate with the members of the school community in an ongoing and
    meaningful way
  • Participate on SLT subcommittees
  • Attend any applicable mandatory training sessions
  • Develop and maintain the school’s CEP and ensure the school-based budget is aligned with the plan
  • Use a consensus-based decision making process
  • Serve on the principal selection committee and be consulted prior to the appointment of a principal or assistant principal candidate to the school (C-30)
  • Provide input to the Superintendent regarding any changes in school utilization
  • Develop SLT bylaws that comply with CR A-655
  • Adhere with all guidelines outlined with CR A-655

Are meetings open to the public?

  • SLT meetings are open to the public for silent observation.


For more information, visit the DOE’s page on School Leadership Teams. and view Chancellor’s Regulations A-655. For specific questions regarding PS 132’s SLT, please e-mail