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  • Have a Heart
    Citymeals is one of the largest meals-on-wheels programs in the United States, providing two million meals to 18,000 homebound elderly New Yorkers each year.  Their number one guiding principle is to let New York City’s frail, isolated elderly know that they are not alone and they have not been forgotten.  For many meal recipients, the meal deliverer is the only person they see all day.  For Valentine’s Day our students made beautiful hand made cards that were included in the delivery of these meals as another way to show them that someone cares.
  • Endangered Animals Adoption
     Exciting things are happening in community service classes this month!  Our students have expressed much interest in helping animals in the wild.  We are learning all about the things that threaten certain species. Poaching, global warming, pollution, and habitat loss have greatly reduced the number of several types of animal species.  In an attempt to help save these animals from extinction, our students are investigating ways they can help.  One such support is to adopt an endangered species animal.  Each of our classes has picked a specific animal to adopt from the endangered species list.  We will be donating a portion of our fall penny harvest proceeds to the World Wild Life Fund to use for the protection and enhancement of these animals.
  • November Penny Harvest
     Thank you students and families for making this year’s penny harvest a huge success!  At last count, we collected $2,416.77!  100% of the proceeds will be used to fund our ongoing community service projects.  We all had fun collecting the penny sacks and counting the daily donations.The classes have decided to use part of this fundraiser to adopt an endangered species animal of their choice.  We will soon begin research projects to aid in their decision making process.  Check back next month for updates!
  • Fun With Farming!
    This fall, we are continuing our neighborhood beautification projects here in Williamsburg!  We have begun working with Big Apple Edibles, an organic vegetable gardening organization who specializes in planting in New York City. Our third and fourth graders are walking over to the Red Shed Garden everyday to plant and tend a garden consisting of radishes, snow peas and mesclun sprouts. They have been learning about the difference between farming and gardening, living systems, edible plant parts, water consciousness, and sustainability in food systems.  Our unit will culminate with, what we hope to be, a bountiful harvest!  
  • Fur a good Cause!
    As part of our community service program here at PS 132, the students expressed interest in helping shelter animals this past semester. Gift bags for our shelter friendsThrough a grant and partnership with a local Greenpoint animal shelter, the children got their wish! We chose to support this animal rescue because it is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization composed of a network of volunteers and fosters who work together to rescue dogs from high kill rural shelters in the southern United States and get these adorable pups into loving and permanent homes. Our students were able to make beautiful hand made cards thanking families who adopted their new pets. Adopted dog with hand made cardOur community kids club made collars, leashes and blankets to create gift bags for adopting families. As a special treat, a volunteer from the animal shelter came to our school to collect the donations and brought with him an adorable shelter dog named Cody to meet our students.Cody is thrilled to be part of the P.S. 132 familyNeedless to say, we all enjoyed this rewarding community service project and would love to continue working with this shelter in our upcoming school year.  
  • A Lost Care Package Still Helps
    Dear PS132,I am writing to thank your school for sending a care package that got to me here in Afghanistan. I am a Navy Corpsman attached to 3rd Battalion 8th Marines Regiment Kilo Co which is located in Camp Lejeune, NC. I work in what could be described as a small trauma clinic that provides medical support to about 150 Marines and to some Afghan Soldiers. Apparently the package was supposed to go to someone named Lewis who is related to a student named Shyteek but for some reason it was forwarded to me. Either way, it is appreciated. I was given some oatmeal, protein bars, and toothpaste. Each of these were pretty convenient to get because I was running low on toothpaste and the food over here isn't exactly what you would call yummy. Thank you for everything and thank you for teaching children to do good in the world.Very Respectfully,Gilbert Flores HM3
  • Our Food Drive Delivers
    Our annual food drive helps to fill the shelves at St. Francis of Paola's food pantry. With 5 shopping carts and many bags full of food, the PS 132 Community Kids walked to our local food pantry to deliver the generous donations from our families. We had so much to deliver, we couldn't make it in the front door! They had to open a side door for us to bring it all in. The food pantry was so excited to receive our donations because they've had to cut back on distributions this year.Below are the members of PS 132 Community Kids with their delivery.On the table ehind the girls is all the food we delivered. Look at the empty shelves ready to be filled!
  • PS 132 Goes Red
    On Friday, February 3 our school participated in "Go Red for Women National Wear Red Day". Most of the kids and staff wore red to support women with heart disease. Students and staff who brought in $5.00 got a pin and the money was donated to the American Heart Association. Our school raised over $700.00 for the cause. Look at the PS 132 Community Kids with Ms. DeStefano showing their support.A 4th grader in red head to toe!3rd graders supporting our cause.Mr. Tramonte shows his support.Written by: Gigi, 4th GradePhotos by: Olivia and Zuli, 4th grade
  • Martin's Big Words
    Written by: Rebeka, 4th gradePhoto by: Zuli and Olivia, 4th gradeThroughout the month of January, students decorated hearts to show our appreciation and to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. On the hearts, we wrote a pledge of something we'll do to help someone. These hearts will show our respect for the great man whose dream was for every human being to be able to live together in peace. No matter what your skin tone you are still a part of this dream. You are a part of the big family that is the human race.
  • Holding A Bake Sale To Show We Care
    Written by: Rebeka,  4th grade                   Damary & Orkeida, 5th gradeOn September 22, 2011, we had a bake sale for a 3rd grade student whose house burnt down. The family lost everything. They only had the clothes they were wearing on their backs.  The student’s parents told the school what happened. So Ms. Garguilo, our parent coordinator, decided to hold a bake sale.  The school sent out a flyer to the parents so they can donate goods for the bake sale. According to Ms.Garguilo, the bake sale was the quickest way to earn money for the family because kids love baked treats. We raised a lot of money. We raised $2,600. The family used the money to help rent a new apartment and buy new furniture. The bake sale was a huge success!
  • Bake Sale For Japan - A Success!
    Last year, we held a bake sale to help the children of Japan in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami. We raised over $2,000 and sent the money to Save the Children. The amount of baked goods we received was amazing. Many parents came to help us as we showed our support for the children of Japan.Sakina, age 2, playing in an evacuation center in Japan. Save the Children is setting child-friendly space for the youngest disaters survivors in Japan, protective environments where children can gather to play and share their experiences under the supervision of trained, caring adults.
  • Honor Wall- Joining Forces to Show We Care!
    As part of our day of service in honor of our soldiers, we created an Honor Wall to show our support for our troops and their families. Each class recorded the number of hours they served and what they did for our care packages. This honor wall is part of a national initiative entitled Operation Honor Cards. This White House initiative is led by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, and is designed to inspire, educate and spark action from all sectors of society to ensure veterans and military families have the opportunities, resources and support they have earned.Look at all the hours pledged across the country! HCW.init({'divId':'honor-card-widget',"dark":false});
  • Recycling Toys Helps Others
     We had a gently used toy drive for Second Chance Toys. Second Chance Toys is an organization that takes unwanted toys and donates them to children in need. Our toys went to Room To Grow, in Manhattan.  Room to Grow helps babies in poverty. It took place from December 12th to the 16th. The students and PTA donated the toys. I think the toy drive was successful and a great idea.  Our toys are loaded on the truck on their way to Room To Grow!Written by Joanna 5th grade and Zuli 4thgrade
  • Helping Our Troops
     Our school had a day of service to help our troops serving overseas. We collected canned goods and items to put in care packages. We sent the packages to family and friends of P.S. 132 families who serve in our military. During our day of service, each student made a card and maybe also a letter to a soldier. The upper grades partnered with the lower grades to make a special no bake treat to include in their care packages. Have a look at pictures from our day of service!Ms. Faziola with the no-bake chocolate treat mixture.2nd grade students in class 2-205 enjoy making thank you cards.A card from a PreK student.We also had great parent volunteers to help with the care packages.Writtren by Damary, 5th grade with Ms. de Koning
  • Penny Harvest: Having fun collecting the money & counting it!
    Our school had a Penny Harvest and The P.S. 132 Community Kids collected and counted all of the money. We did it in our school, P.S. 132. It took place from Wednesday, November 2  to Wednesday November 9, 2011. We did it so we could raise money for the planters outside of our school, an animal shelter, the Leonard Street Library, and a children's garden at Cooper and McCarren Park. We had fun doing it. This is one of many community service projects we will do this year at P.S. 132.Written and photographed by Gisele, 4th grade.
  • Our Food Drive Was A Success!
    Our P.S. 132 Community Kids pack the last of our huge food drive. We received over 900 lbs. of non-perishable items. All of the food is donated to our local food pantry at St. Francis Church. Thank you to all of our families that donated food during a time when food pantries are forgotten (after the holidays).
  • Don't Forget! Show Your Support!
    BAKE SALE FOR THE CHILDREN OF JAPAN TUESDAY, APRIL 12THWe are having a bake sale to raise funds to help the children of Sendai, Japan during this difficult time. If you would like to donate homemade or store bought baked goods, please fill out the tear off below and return it to school by Friday, April 8th, 2011. Donated food items should be sent in with your child or brought into the Main Office on Tuesday, April 12th. All students will have the opportunity to purchase baked goods throughout the day on Tuesday. All money raised will go to Save the Children.
  • The Penny Harvest is Over (really)!
    The Penny Harvest’s extension helped us beat our goal of $3,200 (YAY!) The top 5 classes were:·      1st Ms. Disanti 1-203·      2nd Ms. Lew PreK-111·      3rd Ms. Bouchard 2-306·      4th Ms. Conti K/1-103·      5th Ms.Parsons 3-102Our final total was $3,433.14 we beat last year's score by about $200. We are in progress of deciding which local organizations to give money to.  Please vote in our poll at the top right hand corner to help us in our decision.Written by: Beau, 5th grade
  • We took almost $2,000 in change to TD bank!
    The P.S. 132 Community Kids and class 1-203 went to TD Bank, in Manhattan, to cash in all the penny harvest money. When we got to TD Bank, first all the kids in 1-203 put the pennies in the Penny Arcade. Each kid got one bag each. When they finished they went on a tour around the bank. The Community Kids stayed back and finished pouring the pennies into the Penny Arcade. You can guess how many pennies you pour in. Only Julian (part of the Community Kids) guessed right 3 times how many pennies he poured in. We got a special prize. The special prize was more bookmarks and other things, but the main prize was free songs for our ipods.  -Written by: Alexandra, 5th Grade   
  • Our used toys bring joy to homeless families.
     A caseworker from St. John's Place with some of the toys from our drive. Starting on December 6th and ending the 9th children from Pre-k to 5th grade at P.S. 132 brought in toys to donate to “Second Chance Toys”© a non profit organization who takes gently or non used toys and gives them to children who need them. We had so many toys. Some were brand new.     Some people went to the store and bought new toys for the kids.  All of our toys were donated to St. John's Place a homeless shelter for 90 families. We were all happy to help so many people.-Written by: Beau, 5th grade, Community Kid
  • The Children's Garden at Cooper Park is Here!
    The p.s.132 community kids planted a children’s garden in Cooper Park, during the days of May 5th and 6th. The community kids used their penny harvest money to make this all happen. The kids got this idea by interviewing teachers, parents and kids who live in the neighborhood. They also did some outside work by interviewing the people in their community.   The kids planted flowers in the garden and put down some mulch so the flowers would get some sunlight but not that much for it to overheat. John and David from the City Parks and Recreation department taught the kids everything about gardening. The kids also watered the flowers and enjoyed a day in the sun.   -Michael, 4th gradeP.S. 132 Community Kids
  • Want to be green? Go on a garbage hike.
    A garbage hike is when you bring something to pick garbage up and put it in the recycling or the garbage. It's a way to help the earth. This summer, I went on my first garbage hike with my mom. It was on a Sunday and we went half way around the block by my house. I brought two plastic bags one for paper and one for plastic. I also decided to take my robot claw, because it's good at grabbing things. We went outside to start our garbage hike. We found a whole lot of paper, soda cans and glass. We put everything in the plastic bags and put the trash in the garbage and the recycling in the recycling cans. I feel good about my garbage hike, because I can really help the earth in a lot of ways. Other people should do garbage hikes to help clean up all of the trash in their neighborhoods.-Julian, PS 132 Community Kid
  • Penny Harvest Extended!
    Last Wednesday, the Penny Harvest at P.S.132 came to an end. It was a great success, but unfortunately we did not beat the amount we raised last year. We were just under $3,000. Luckily, Ms. Lubeck decided to extend the Penny Harvest for one more week. If we beat last year's total of $3,200 then each student will get a prize! We're also going to have a jar pennies in Ms. Lubeck's trophy case. Each class will get to guess how many pennies are in the bin. This money probably won’t get us far but every penny counts (no pun intended). -written by Alexandra & Beau, PS 132 Community Kids
  • The Penny Harvest Begins At P.S. 132!
     The Penny Harvest at PS 132 has begun! It has alaways been a huge success. Last year we raised over $3,200. This year we hope to raise even more. In two days, we’ve collected $500. To beat last year’s amount, we still need to raise more than $2,700.        After last year’s Penny Harvest we donated to serval organiztions. For example BARC animal shelter, the Leonard street library, the st. Francis food pantry, and OSA (Open Space Alliance). This year we’ll probably donate to the same organiztions.       Every day there is a top class and that class’ teacher is crowned the Penny Princess or Prince the next morning. The previous day, we made the crown and that morning an anouncement is made on the loud speaker announcing who the penny prince or princess is. - written by: Beau & Alexandra P.S. 132 Community Kids
    On Wednesday, November 10, 2010, P.S. 132 dedicated the entire day to community service. This event was meant to review the principles of service learning with our school community. Students, staff and parents worked together to see how much we can give back to our community in just one day. The focus this year was on supporting soldiers and their families from our Williamsburg community.  The parents and family members donated goods that were sent to soldiers overseas.  Some of these items included: prepaid International phone cards, health and hygiene items-deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, toothbrush, toothpaste, food, stationery, pens, shoe boxes for shipping.  Each class took part in creating items to accompany a care package that were sent to a soldier. They wrote letters, made cards, created banners and made crafts to show our school's appreciation. Our Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and 1st Grade students created bookmarks adorned with a ribbon and beads with the help of 5th, 4th and 3rd grade students. Second Grade students made bookmarks.  Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade students wrote letters or cards to the troops.In the evening, parents volunteered to help at our PTA meeting/Potluck. After our potluck, parents came together to sort and put together the care packages. Parents, teachers, students and staff were part of this all day event. We could not have done it without so much support!