At P.S. 132 we believe that creativity must be sparked and fervor for learning must be instilled. We are a school community that embraces change, especially when it can benefit our students.

A rigorous reading curriculum has been created by the staff.  Through authentic literature, not only is a true love of literacy fostered, but meeting the individual needs of our students is paramount. We embrace a hands-on approach to mathematics.  Students develop a conceptual understanding of key mathematical concepts within real world context. We are aware of the importance of the use of technology in today’s society. Technology is incorporated in all subject areas, providing learners with various opportunities to discover its many different purposes.  Students delve into scientific content by utilizing tools to investigate and observe science first hand. The students of P.S. 132 become aware of our community and the world around us as they engage in social studies explorations. We believe learning is both meaningful and enjoyable when it is applied to the world in which we live.

At P.S. 132, we embrace the opportunity to develop the gifts and talents of all students by providing enrichment opportunities.  The implementation of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model, has empowered students to participate in clusters based upon their interests. We continue to instill the importance of being active and responsible members of our community through rich give back opportunities. We hope our students will learn that giving is a lifelong skill connected to happiness.

It is our hope that P.S. 132 becomes a child’s home away from home. When you walk through the doors of P.S. 132, we know you will be able to feel its soul and hear its passionate heartbeat.


P.S. 132’s four-floor layout allows for the following:

  • Our school has large rooms and corridors, and is very welcoming and comfortable with many windows. Bright colors and student artwork line the hallways creating a happy and lively atmosphere.
  • Each Pre-K and K classroom has a bathroom and water fountain.
  • Modern workspaces such as a visual arts room, a music lab, technology lab, and a brand-new STEAM room
  • A multi-use Performing Arts space for music and dance performances, fitness classes, and various school events
  • A bright cafeteria which serves items from the NYC DOE Alternative Lunch Menu as well as offers a salad bar, and serves breakfast from the Breakfast in the Classroom Combo Menu 
  • A nurse’s office with a full-time nurse
  • An elevator and wheelchair accessible ramp 
  • A main office which consists of the principal’s office and other administration
  • A security desk at the entrance of the building with two NYPD School Safety Agents
  • Three NYPD assigned crossing guards directing traffic and pedestrians during drop-off and dismissal
  • A private playground for our students to use during recessDSC07828