Week of April 19th – 21st……

JuSt A fEw ReMiNdErS…

1. Please remember to check your child’s folder daily and bring back all forms that must be completed the next school morning. *All permissions slips must be returned to school even if you wish for your child not to attend.

2. Please remember to place your scholastic orders online. Our class code is J64D6.

3. Our April trip is scheduled for Friday, April 21st, at the Leonard Street Library. It will be a walking trip and the permission slip is now past due.

4. Our May trip is scheduled for Monday, May 22nd. The show will take place at Queens College, the fee per student and chaperone is $8.00. The payment and slips are now past due.

5. Spring Break: Monday, April 10th – Tuesday, April 18th

(Students are expected to return on Wednesday, April 19th)

  1. Lastly, attendance and arriving to school on time is imperative. Attending school regularly is important to ensuring children develop a strong foundation for subsequent learning. Lateness is unacceptable because students are missing out on homework check and review. Please give your children some time to arrive to school.

3rd Grade Homework for the Week of 04/3-04/7

Day Reading/ELA/WRITING Spelling/


S.S. Science Math



Complete Spring Packet



Complete Spring Packet


Day: 131

~Reading log No spelling words for this short week. Review Europe Review Simple Machines. Review: Area & Perimeter

Complete handout & coach pages.



Day: 132

~Reading log Review Review Europe.

Test Tuesday!

Review Simple Machines. Review: Area & Perimeter

Complete handout & coach pages.



Day: 133

  1. Be sure to read and review your math facts!
  2. Complete spring break packet.

3rd Grade Important Announcements

for the week of 04/03-04/07

** please allow your child to complete their homework and/or projects on their own. if the work is incorrect, please allow me to see it. you may help your child figure out why it is incorrect but still have the child show me his/her original work. also, It is extremely important that we practice on our writing skills so that we are proficient writers by the end of third grade. **

Events this Week

Wednesday-Thursday, April 19th – 20th. ELA/MATH after school program. (2:30-3:55)


~Tuesday, April 25th. Social Studies Test- Unit: 4

~Friday, April 28th. Spelling Quiz #22

* All tests and quizzes must be signed and returned the next school day.

* I will allow for five extra points on a test for any student who received a low grade. Questions AND answers have to be written two times on loose-leaf. To obtain the full credit, it is due the next school day.

Due Dates

April Current Events due April 28th.

March Reading Log due May 1st.

reminder for Parents

~If your child brings in money for trips, book fairs, snacks, scholastic, etc., PLEASE make sure that it is in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, class number, and grade. Also, please have the correct change! This will help me tremendously!!

-Please e-mail, write a letter, or call the school with any questions or concerns that you may have for me. The best way to reach me is by email:rcoluccio1019

Please remember to bring in Box Tops!!


Spelling List #22 prefixes re-, un-, and dis-

1. disappear

2. dishonest

3. reheat

4. unbutton

5. disagree

6. unable

7. rewrite

8. replay

9. uncover

10. rewind

11. react

12. until

13. dislike

14. replace

15. unknown

Review Words

16. toward

17. alarm

18. garden

Challenging Words

19. discourage

20. uncomfortable

Quiz: Friday, April 28th