Homework Sheet and Newsletter for the week of January 16th

Hi Parents,

I hope everyone enjoyed the 3 day weekend! There is a Math test on Monday!

Also, for next week, the children will need nonfiction texts to to practice reading strategies for our reading lessons. Not too difficult, please. Maybe taking them to the library and browsing the nonfiction books could be beneficial. Age appropriate texts for nonfiction can include National Geographic and Time for Kids. They can also bring in child-friendly nonfiction texts as well from these websites.

Please make sure you review your child’s homework each evening and sign it.


No Homework



Read For 30 minutes and log it in your Reading Log.


Writing Prompt- Why did you choose the person you decided to write your biography about?


Worksheet. Study for your test on Monday.



Read For 30 minutes and log it in your Reading Log.

Word Work

Words of the week, pulled from out new Read Aloud Who Was John F. Kennedy. Please pay special attention to the words that are capitalized.

candidate, primary, victory, jig, trademark, speeches, natural, firehouse,private and represent.

Refer to the Speller’s Choice board and complete one of the assignments in your homework notebook.


Worksheet. Study for your test on Monday.


Reading- Nonfiction Only this evening

Read For 30 minutes and log it in your Reading Log.


When analyzing illustrations from your nonfiction text, what do you notice and how does it give you more information about the topic you are reading?




Spelling Test today!

News for the Week of January 16th

Hi Parents,

As mentioned on the homework sheet, please begin collecting nonfiction texts, so the children may use them as material to practice reading strategies.

This week our class is learning about……..


For our nonfiction unit, our class will continue reading Who Was John F. Kennedy. During this week, the reading skill we will continue to be working on is author’s purpose. I will teach the children, that in nonfiction, the author’s purpose is to inform and that in fiction is it to entertain. We will be looking at how certain words within a text can be used to indicate author’s purpose. We also will be working on analyzing illustrations to give more meaning to the topic we are reading.


This week we will continue using graphic organizers and our research to pull out important information. Each paragraph will answer important questions about their person. This will allow for more direction when the children are writing this nonfiction narrative piece. The first paragraph will answer the questions where and when, the second paragraph will answer the question why and how and the third will answer


This week we will begin our new topic, Money! First, we will work on values of coins and bills, move into comparing amounts of money and then use money to solve real-life word problems! Please help your child to familiarize themselves with money and their values on home or while shopping.

Social Studies-

We have begun celebrating Black History Month and this week we will be reading a nonfiction narrative text about Harriet Tubman! We will use this text during our reading lessons as well!

We also will be working on our Community Collage project! I will let you know when it is up, so the next time you’re in the classroom, you can look for it!


This week we will continue our work on balance and motion. I should be receiving my magnets soon from your generous donations, so stay tuned for our new fun experiments!!


Ms. Kender