News for the Week of November 14th

This week our class is learning about……..

Please pay special attention to the information on writing


For our new nonfiction unit, our class began reading Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs. During this week, the reading skills we will be continuing to work with are main idea and supporting details.


Children are beginning to work on gathering research for their nonfiction piece. I would like to clarify what we’re doing, so everyone is on board. The research email I sent out was to explain how the children should begin gathering their research. The nonfiction piece that they are writing will contain an introduction, conclusion and three body paragraph. The three body paragraph will contain subtopics of the main topic (just like a nonfiction book or article). Therefore, the research that the children need, needs to be with them each day. I understand library material is time sensitive, so you may have to check the book out again or resort to taking things from the internet. Also, researchers are constantly researching, so you may want to continue researching their topic with them weekly. They will be using this research to formulate ideas into their own words and include them in their informational piece. Videos are good pieces of supplemental research, but it will be hard for them to write in class about what they observed in a video sometime before.

I’ve already gone over this with the children, but the topic shouldn’t be too broad, such as Animals or too narrow, such as The Antenna of the Empire State Building. It should be a topic where they can use multiple resources that have various information on a topic they can pick and choose to write about. I want the children to pick things that interest them also, but I want the literature for them to not be too complex. Remember, they’re using their research to write about the topic, so if their topic is something in the medical field, they might come across a lot of content that might be too difficult for them to understand. For those that have research already, I’ve conferred with them and everything looks good. I know this is a lot of info, so if you have any questions, please ask.


Next week, the children will continue to be working skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s. They will be moving on to solving multi-step word problems. We will be introducing Reciprocal Math into the classroom, that will allow for more group work during problem solving.

Social Studies-

Children will now be introduced to the unit on NYC and we will continue with the landscape of NYC.


Our reading unit aligns perfectly with the topic of this week! Fossils! The children seem to really be excited about this new and interesting topic. Hopefully we can make our own fossils next week. We will be going on our make up field trip to the park and conducting a science exploration.

We will be making our own fossils in class. If anyone can donate Air Dry Clay I would greatly appreciate it. I have some so far, just not enough for all 30 children. The students will be making their own fossils from seashell imprints and paint them. I have all of the materials besides the clay.

Friendly Reminders

The children are still in need of practicing their addition and subtraction facts. During homework each evening, please spend about 10 minutes going over this. It is essential that during Math, they have perfected this skill. This unit is division and multiplication. Math facts need to be practiced each evening.

Ms. Kender