News for the Week of Nov. 7th

This week our class is learning about……..


For our new nonfiction unit, our class began reading Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs. During this week, the reading skills we will be working on are main idea and using context clues to help to figure out the meaning of unknown words.


Children are beginning to work on gathering research for their nonfiction piece. We will begin the week having them look at an exemplar piece of writing. This is wonderful because they get to see a model, nonfiction all About Piece and view how is correlated to a 4 on a rubric. Then they will work on gathering research they would like to use and picking out important information that can be writing about.


This week, children will be working skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s. We will use number lines, different classroommanipulative and dot paper. Students will also be working on solving real life word problems pertaining to thepreviously mentioned topics.

Social Studies-

Children will now be introduced to the unit on NYC and begin with the landscape of NYC. Use any extra time at home this week to allow your child to research this topic.


Our reading unit aligns perfectly with the topic of this week! Fossils! The children seem to really be excited about this new and interesting topic. Have a discussion with them at home on what they are currently learning.

Friendly Reminders

The children are still in need of practicing their addition and subtraction facts. During homework each evening, please spend about 10 minutes going over this. It is essential that during Math, they have perfected this skill. This unit is division and multiplication. Math facts need to be practiced each evening.

There will be no school Friday for Veteran’s Day.


Ms. Kender