Week of May 23

Week of May 23rd

Reading- We will continue reading “Mr. Docker is Off His Rocker” by Dan Gutman. We will work on identifying story elements within the text such as problem/solution, and setting. We will be working on short paragraphs and questioning techniques to help us learn how to find answers on tests.

Writing- We will continue to work in groups on creating a board game. We will make How-To directions for our game to go along with our how-to unit in writing. Students will also be writing their own How- to’s.

Math- The students will continue learning about graphing using bar graphs and picture graphs. We will have a test on Friday on graphing.

Social Studies- In Social Studies, we will continue to learn about New York City long ago. We will learn about the Dutch and English in NY and how the city grew over time. We are learning the different modes of transportation and where each method of transportation carried people.

Science- We will continue to learn about Living and Non-Living things. We will learn about animals and plants.

Spelling Words

1. choke

2. spoke

3. those

4. throne

5. zone

6. chose

7. caroler

8. keyhole

9. alone

10. anyone

11. clone

12. arose

13. closet

14. compose

15. mole

All words have oke, ole, one or ose in them.


Please send in 2 glue sticks with your child.

Please be sure to check your child’s take home folder each night for important notices