Ms. Gurino & Ms. Aragona
Class 5-305 Newsletter
Week of May 27th

Units of Study
Reading: We have begun reading a new book Esperanza Rising
Writing: We are working on a new writing unit that is linked with our book on procedural writing Math: We are working on geometry
Social Studies: We are studying Westward Expansion
Science: Forces of Nature- pressure and buoyancy

Spelling Words- More Double Consonants (all but omit)

immediately commit omit interrupt difficulty accomplish account
allow attend beginning cannot connect mirror wedding correct narrow

Weekly Homework
ELA: First Ladies Read Works
Spelling: 3x each
Math: Math In Focus 5B pgs 41 & 42
ELA: Don’t Know Much About Liberty Read Works
Spelling: write a sentence for each word
Math: Math In Focus 5B pgs 43 & 44
ELA: Blood Mineral Read Works
Science: Chapter Review pgs 134-135 #’s 1-20 ONLY
Math: Math In Focus 5B pgs 45 & 46
ELA: A Monument for Peace Read Works
Spelling: Complete the spelling worksheet, and study for spelling test tomorrow Math: Math In Focus 5B pgs 47,48 & 49
Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy Your Weekend