Newsletter for the Week of May 23rd, 2016

Literacy Focus:
* Classic Tales
* letter “Tt/Uu”
* Phonemic awareness

Parent Involvement:
if you have not already done so please send in $10 for the pre-K graduation fun activities that is planned for the last week of school. Will be having a clown, Italian ice, movie and snack day, game day, superhero and princess day.

At Home:
*Practice writing “Tt/Uu”
* Practice writing “#18” review only 12,13,14,15
* sight words- an, it, went, with, for, he ( another week)
* beginning sound of words( phonemic awareness)

* memorial day school closed May 30
*Kite festival Sunday June 5
* pre-K graduation June 20

Books We’re Reading
* The shoemaker and the Elves
* The Little Red Hen
* Inch by Inch

Words To Know:
* evening
* perfectly
* worried
* Poor
* harvested
* wonderful
* relaxed
* lazy

Math and fun activities: Non-standard measurement
* partner match (M4)
* longer or shorter (M5)
* fun measurement activities
* observing the life cycle of butterflies!!!
They hatched and we released them!!!



Tuesday – Choir/Yoga( easy shoes)



Friday – Show and Tell

💝Thank you for ALL you do💝