Week of May 16th

Curriculum Matters
Reading – Students are currently reading The Secret School by Avi. Book summary:
In 1925 a young girl, living in a remote Colorado town, held very little hope of getting an education. Fourteen-year-old Ida Benson is only a few months away from earning the coveted diploma that will secure her entry into high school when her one-room school is abruptly closed. Afraid that her dream of becoming a teacher is slipping away, Ida convinces the seven other students in grades 1-8 to vote to secretly keep the school open with her as the teacher. The role of teacher that seemed so easy when Miss Fletcher managed the class becomes a test of Ida’s confidence and courage. Keeping the students engaged, risking the loss of her friendship with classmate Tom, keeping up with her own studies and farm chores, and eluding the local school board are just some of Ida’s problems. As the days progress, Ida learns it takes more than lesson plans to be a good teacher, and she proves that she is up to the challenge.

Writing – Our class will work on How To/Informational writing this month. Currently students are brainstorming and gathering ideas they would like to write about. Following this brainstorming work, students will begin to plan their writing by writing out the steps needed to do a certain task. (Sample topics: How to play soccer, How to be a good friend, How to use an iPad)

Math – This week we will continue to study geometry (shapes). We are starting with 2D shapes and will move on to 3D shapes.

Social Studies – We will continue Unit 3: Urban, Suburban and Rural Communities. Important vocabulary: urban area, suburb, rural area, commute, farming

Science – Students will work on chapter 5: Plants. We will learn about the parts of plants, how plants differ and what are some plant life cycles. Important vocabulary: roots, stems, leaves, flowers, trunk, shrub, life cycle, germinate.

Spelling Words
No Spelling this week.
*I will be assigning current events homework in place of Spelling homework. As a reminder: students should read an article from the newspaper (online or in print). They should then write a summary (4-5 sentences) explaining what the article is about. Please have your child bring the article to school as well.

Important Dates!

· Monday May 16th- PTA meeting 6pm


· If your child is absent please email me or call the school to let us know