Newsletter for week of May 16, 2016

Literacy Focus:
* Classic Tales
* letters “Rr & Ss”
* Phonemic awareness

Parent Involvement:

*EMPTY BACKPACK!!!! due to the fact that we will be bringing our lunch to the zoo please make sure all backpacks are empty- also keep in mind the children will have limited amount of time to eat (Appropriate lunch) * PTA meeting on Monday, May 16 at 6 pm
*** If you have not yet sent in the $10 for the End Of Year Activities- please do so ASAP

At Home:
* Practice writing “Rr/Ss”
* Practice writing “#17”
* beginning sound of words (phonemic awareness)

* Zoo trip Monday May 16th
* PTA meeting May 16th @6 PM
* Memorial day school closed May 30
* Kite festival Sunday June 5

Books We’re Reading:
* The Lion and The Mouse
* City Mouse, Country Mouse
* Goldilocks and the Three Bears
* Our Visit To the Zoo
* Fly, Butterfly

Words To Know:
* accident
* great
* promise
* startled
* finally

Math and Fun Activities:
* Non-standard measurement
* take surveys in different ways
* continue observing the growth of our beans and flower garden * acting out “Goldilocks and the three bears”
* introduction of non-standard measurement
* comparing shoe lengths(M3)
* observing the life cycle of butterflies!!!

Monday- zoo trip (dress your child
appropriately-no sandals.. We are not allowed to apply sunscreen.)

Tuesday –

Wednesday- Yoga- easy shoes


Friday- Show and Tell

💝Thank you for ALL you do💝

Debra Czajkowski
Pre-K Teacher
P.S. 132