Newsletter for week of May 9th

PK113 – PS 132
The Shining Star of Williamsburg

Newsletter for week of May 9th, 2016

PK113 – PS 132
The Shining Star of Williamsburg

Reminders: Prospect Park Zoo Trip is Monday, May 16th. Chaperones have been chosen. If you were not notified, you are welcome to meet us at the zoo and use your Cool Culture Card

Literary Focus: Planting,The letter “Pp”
Books We Are Reading: Flowers, A Visit to the Zoo, This is the Sunflower Words To Know: survey, harmful, endangered, captured
Math and Fun Activities: taking surveys, observing how plants drink (using celery, water and food cloring), planting sunflowers, Sunflower Seed designs, observing the growth of our classroom garden and beans
At Home: Have a fabulous Mother’s Day! Practice writing the letter “Pp” and Sight Words, beginning sounds of words (phonemic awareness),

* Our Prek Moving -up Ceremony will be held on Monday, June 20th at 8:45am

Carol Jensen
Pre-K Teacher
P.S. 132