Week of May 2nd

Week of May 2nd

Week of May 2, 2016

Reading- We will review ” Lily and Miss Liberty” by Carla Stevens. We will share our Spring break homework around this book. We will be making text to self and text to text connections. We also will be working on short paragraphs and questioning techniques to help us learn how to find answers on tests.

Writing- We will continue our writing unit; Opinion Writing. The students will begin to edit and revise their writing. We should finish publishing this week.

Math- The students will be learning about mass and volume. We will be measuring in kilograms, grams, pounds and ounces.

Social Studies- In Social Studies, we will continue to learn about New York City long ago. We will learn about the Dutch and English in NY and how the city grew over time.

Science- We will begin to learn about Living and Non-Living things. We will learn about fish and their body parts.

Spelling Words

1. seen

2. heel

3. screen

4. greet

5. queen

6. feeling

7. kneel

8. asleep

9. discreet

10. street

11. between

12. fifteen

13. preen

14. living

15. animal

Most words have een, eel, eet, or eep in them.


Trip slip for Zoo due by Monday. $5.00 students, $8.00 chaperones.

Please send in 2 glue sticks with your child.

Please be sure to check your child’s take home folder each night for important notices

Brook Lugo
2nd Grade Teacher