newsletter 5-2-5-6

Ms. Gurino & Ms. Aragona
Class 5-305 Newsletter
Week of March 6th

Units of Study
Reading: We have finished our book Freak the Mighty, and will continue to work on more persuasive readings.
Writing: We are launching our new writing unit that goes along with our reading for persuasive writing. Math: We are working on Area.
Social Studies: We are studying Westward Expansion
Science: We will touch upon health- personal hygiene and keeping fit, food and nutrition, and drugs and alcohol. Unit 3

Spelling Words- Some of the words on this list are named for people, some are named for places, and some are words that are borrowed from other languages. These words have a long word history. The history of a word is called etymology.

catsup saxophone watt dunce denim glamour
umbrella ranch radio lasso rodeo radar sonic
hamburger skunk pizza cafeteria silhouette

Weekly Homework
ELA: Yawn Read Works
Spelling: 5x each
Math: Questions A-D on To Add or not to Add worksheet
ELA: Attack of the Nerves Read Works
Spelling: write a sentence for each word
Math: Reading Line Plots p77 worksheet
ELA: The Truth About Weight Read Works
Spelling: define 10 words using a dictionary
Math: Reading Line Plots p78 worksheet
ELA: Westward Expansion: The Story of the Alamo Read Works
Spelling: Complete the spelling worksheet, and study for spelling test tomorrow Math: Reading Line Plots p79 worksheet
ELA: North America- Jamaica: A Beautiful Island with a Dark History Read Works Math: Additive Volume p89 Worksheet