Week of April 18th, 2016


Please remember to check your child’s folder daily and send back all forms that must be completed the next school day.

Homework packets will come home on Monday, and are due back to school on Friday.

Attendance and arriving to school on time is imperative. Attending school regularly is important to ensuring children develop a strong foundation for subsequent learning. Just a reminder that our school day begins at 8:00am, and children are dismissed at 2:10pm.

Please remember we have snack every day in the afternoon. Please provide a healthy snack for your child in a labeled bag.

Food Allergies: If your child has a food allergy, please send in a current picture and write the kind of allergy on the back. For your child’s safety, it is of the utmost importance that this information is kept up-to-date in the cafeteria. Thank you!

The children and I are looking for “Star Readers” and “Arts & Craft” volunteers. A letter from our classroom mommies was placed in your child’s homework folder. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the bottom portion of the letter, or email our classroom mommies.

April’s book order was placed on Friday, April 15th. If you would like to place your order online, our class code is LQ7KR. Online orders can be placed at any time, but will be submitted by me on the due date.

Please sign and return your child’s report card ASAP. Thank you!

School will be closed on April 25 – 29 for Spring Break.

~Mrs. Iacono

Week of April 18th, 2016

Reading: This week, we will continue our work on "Readers Use Strategies to Read". The students will review and learn more strategies to practice during independent reading, such as Eagle Eye (look at the picture), Lips the Fish (get your mouth ready by making the first sound of the word), Stretchy the Snake (stretch out the word slowly), Chunky Monkey (looking for words you know inside other words), and Flippy the Dolphin (flip a short sound to a long song).

Writing: This week, we will continue to work on Persuasive Writing. Children will reach different audiences, and come up with solutions to make the world a better place! In addition, children will fix their work to get ready for publishing.

Sight Words: this, an

Phonics/Phonemic Awareness: Letter/sound: Zz (we are finishing the alphabet this week!); Hailstones and Halibut Bones by Mary O’Neil; the students will be listening for onset-rime segmentation, and syllable blending.

Math: Numbers to 100:
Numbers 50 – 79; count to 79, count from any given number to 79, insert the missing number, and introduce Base Ten Blocks to count to 79

Social Studies: Unit 3: Families – Making Choices

Science:Force and Motion: How do things move?


April 19 & 20: PTA Book Fair

April 25 – 29: Spring Break, school closed

Melvin turned 6 on 4/1
Joseph turned 6 on 4/2
Kayleese will be turning 6 on 4/17