Newsletter Week of April 18, 2016

*Bowling Trip is Monday, April 18th.
*Spring Break is April 25th to April 30th – Return Monday, May 2nd

Literary Focus:
*The letter “Nn,”

Books We Are Reading:
*In The Tall, Tall Grass
*Where Does The Garbage Go?
*Hooray, It’s Passover
*From Fruit To Flower
*The Matzah Man

Words To Know:

Math and Fun Activities:
*Planting grass seeds
*Earth Day craft
*Coming to the Park math task (adding 3 numbers)

At Home:
*Have a fabulous Spring Break!
*Practice writing the letter “Nn”
*Beginning sounds of words (phonemic awareness)

Parent Involvement:

*After the break, we will begin some planting in the classroom. If any parents would like to send in some planting supplies when we come back such as soil and flower seeds we would greatly appreciate it.
*We would like to watch the life cycle of a butterfly in our classroom! If anyone is willing to donate $1 or $2 we can purchase the caterpillars to watch in our room! Thanks so much.

Debra Czajkowski
Pre-K Teacher
P.S. 132