Week of April 11th

Curriculum Matters
Reading – This week we will work on a book project for No Talking in class. Students are working on telling the story of No Talking in the form of a comic.

Writing – Our class will work on our Opinion writing unit this month. Students will come up with an opinion they feel strongly about and develop reasons (based on fact) to support their opinion. This week students will continue to develop their drafts and meet with partners to revise and edit their work.

Math – This week we will begin learning about Pictographs and Bar Graphs. For pictographs it is important to pay close attention to the key that is used. Students will learn to survey others, collect data and display this data in various ways.

Social Studies – We will continue Unit 2: New York City Over Time focusing on Working and Living in New York City. Important vocabulary: factory, performer, tourism.

Science – Students will work on chapter 4: Living and Nonliving things. We will focus on what animals and plants need. Important vocabulary for this unit: living, nonliving, oxygen, survive, shelter, nutrients.

Spelling Words
1. doesn’t
2. isn’t
3. dwell
4. thought
5. eight
6. really
7. guilt
8. poetry
9. throw
10. through
11. princess
12. prince
13. wrench
14. thrown
15. throne

Important Dates!

· Thursday April 14th – Scholastic Book order money due [or you may place an online order using our class code: FQNFB ]

· Friday April 15th – Prospect Park Zoo Field Trip ($5 for students and $8 for chaperones) ·Wednesday April 20th- TADA performance in Performing Arts Space at 9am

· Monday April 25-Friday April 29th- Spring Break: No School


· The second grade has started TADA! Our class has TADA each Monday at 10:35-11:20am.
· We now have a short yoga session (with HOSH yoga) in class on Mondays at 1:45-2pm! · If your child is absent please email me or call the school to let us know.
· The following chaperones are selected to join us for our trip on Friday to Prospect Park Zoo: Parent/Guardian of:
Please confirm by email that you can still attend and send in your $8 chaperone payment if you have no already done so. Thanks!