Newsletter-March 28th

Ms. Strocchia’s 1st Grade Newsletter
Week of March 28th
Weekly Homework- Due Friday, April 1st
Reading: Read for 15 minutes and record on log.
Writing: Answer this question in your homework notebook once: Choose a book, after you read your book, use a reciprocal reading strategy (predict, question, clarify, summarize). Math: Test Friday, April 1st
-ABC order
-Choose 5 spelling words and create a sentence for each

During the week of March 28th the students will continue to read the book, “Dear Mrs. LaRue”. We will be studying the different text features of persuasive letters. The children will be identifying what is being persuaded using different examples of letters. We will analyze character’s traits and feelings. For writing, the children are learning about the different components of a persuasive letter. They will be continuing their first draft of their persuasive letter. In math, we are continuing chapter 19:Money-This week we will be focusing on counting money and adding and subtracting money. Spelling: Week #20- Prefixes /re/, /un/, /bi/, /in/
React, Return, Revisit, Untie, Unhappy, Bicycle, Bicolor, Incomplete, Incorrect, Inside *Reminders:

• Ballet Show-Friday, April 1st 9am: Please have your child wear a blue shirt (any shade) and jeans

• Please return your child’s report card if you have not

• Spring Gala-Friday, April 1st

• Wednesday, April 6th- Please sign and return $10 and permission slip for the Queens Zoo