Newsletter for the Week of March 21st, 2016

Literacy Focus:
* Habitats
*Desert Life
* letter “Jj”
* Signs of spring

At Home:
*Practice writing “Jj”
* Practice writing “#10”
*Practicing positional words – between, behind, under,
over, on

*March madness week 21st- 24th(letter sent home)
* good Friday, March 25 no school!!!!
* Parent workshop March 29 @ 6 PM
* Spring Gala April 1 @ 6 PM

Parent Involvement:
* please support our SPRING GALA held on April 1 2016…buy tickets!!!

* please participate in March Madness week 21st-24th (Monday – crazy hair day, Tuesday – twin day/where the same color day, Wednesday – fashion disaster day, and Thursday – sports day

Book We’re Reading
* Humans Impact on the Environment
* Mouse’s First Spring
* Dragons

Words To Know:
* binoculars

Math and fun activities: Sequencing/Spatial relationships ( positions)
*Learn about life in the desert
*create a paper plate snake
* Teddy bear position game ( I.e. Teddy on my head, teddy between my knees,teddy in my hand, teddy over my shoe)
* obstacle course game ( i.e. jump over the block go under the table)


Monday- Crazy Hair Day/HOSH YOGA Begins ( 15min)

Tuesday – Twin Day/ Yoga ( easy shoes)

Wednesday-Fashion Disaster

Thursday- Sports Day

Friday – NO SCHOOL!!!!!! Good Friday

💝Thank you for ALL you do💝