Week of March 14th

Curriculum Matters
Reading – This week our class will continue reading No Talking by Andrew Clements. This is a great book about fifth grade students deciding to hold a no talking contest: girls vs boys. Who will win? And how will the students get through school without talking at all? Through this book we will focus on self to text connections and character traits as the author does a great job making the characters come to life.

Writing – Our class will work on our Opinion writing unit this week. Students will come up with an opinion they feel strongly about and develop reasons (based on fact) to support their opinion. Last week we worked on several opinions including: uniforms in school, more/less homework, dogs/cats are a better pet. We will continue developing strong opinions and supporting details this week. We will continue to have debates in class about specific topics.

Math – This week we will work on chapter 15: Multiplication of 3 and 4 times tables. Students should study these facts (and 2, 5 and 10 from earlier in the year) until they are fully committed to memory. If these facts are fully memorized students should work on 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables.

Social Studies – We will continue Unit 2: New York City Over Time focusing on People and Neighborhoods of New York City. Vocabulary from this lesson: apartment and culture.

Science – Students will work on chapter 4: Living and Nonliving things. Important vocabulary for this unit: living, nonliving, oxygen, survive, shelter, nutrients.

Spelling Words
1. nutrients
2. farming
3. character
4. raise
5. theme
6. scream
7. batteries
8. fuel
9. machine
10. solve
11. evaluate
12. energy
13. value
14. checked
15. stand

Important Dates!

· Thursday March 17th- St. Patrick’s Day: Wear Green!
· Next week- March Madness Week
· Thursday March 24th- Field trip (trip slip sent home today) · Friday March 25th- No School: Good Friday


· The second grade has started TADA! Our class has TADA each Monday at 10:35-11:20am.
· We now have a short yoga session (with HOSH yoga) in class on Mondays at 12:40-12:55pm! · If your child is absent please email me or call the school to let us know.
· Please return your child’s signed report cards as soon as you are finished reviewing them. Thanks!