Newsletter-March 7th

Ms. Strocchia’s 1st Grade Newsletter
Week of March 7th
Weekly Homework- Due Friday, March 11th
Reading: Read for 15 minutes and record on log.
Writing: Answer this question in your homework notebook once: Choose a book, after you read your book, write about if you would recommend this book to someone else or not. Why would you? Give reasons. Math: Chapter 18 Test on Friday, March 11th.
Spelling: Test Friday
Menu Activity
Choose 5 words and create a sentence for each word, OR create a story using 5 words ABC order

During the week of March 7th the students will be introduced to the book, “Dear Mrs. LaRue”. We will be studying the different text features of persuasive letters. For writing, the children are being introduced to persuasive writing. They will learn what it means to give an opinion and how to persuade someone in doing something you want them to do. In math, we are continuing chapter 18: Multiplication and Division. This week we will focus on sharing equally and finding the number of groups. Spelling Week #17: Soft “G” sounding words.
Gem, Page, Stage, Age, Cage, Gentle, Gingerbread, Giant, Giraffe, Gel *Reminders:

• Tuesday, March 8th- Cookshop for Families

• Friday, March 11th- Chapter 18 Math Test