Newsletter for the Week of March 7th, 2016

Literacy Focus:
* Habitats
*pond Life
* letter “Hh”

At Home:
*Practice writing “Hh”
* Practice writing “#8″

* Cook shop for families March 8th
* PTA meeting 7:40 AM March 16th
*Parent workshop March 15th 9 AM

*St. Patrick’s Day – WEAR GREEN

Parent Involvement:
*please fill out the green surveys if you have not already done so at parent teacher conference. Please send it in a sealed envelope back to school by Monday march 7, 2016
* please send in a short note allowing us (Mrs. Clarke and Mrs. Cimino) to take your child on a listening walk around the school block ( note in folder).

*thank you for supporting our class scholastic book club!!!
* please support our SPRING GALA held on April 1 2016…buy tickets!!!

Book We’re Reading
*In The Woods: Who’s Been Here
* The Listening Walk*
* Life in the Pond
* Good Morning Pond

Words To Know:

Math and fun activities: Sequencing/Spatial relationships
*Talk about pond life
*Taking a ” Listening Walk”*
*Create a woodland mural in our classroom
*Create some living things we might see in( at) a pond



Tuesday – available for conference 7:30am- 7:45am and 2:30pm- 2:50pm/ Yoga ( easy shoes)



Friday – SHOW and TELL

💝Thank you for ALL you do💝