Week of February 29th

Curriculum Matters
Reading – This week our class will wrap up our biography writing unit, with the book Take A Stand, Rosa Parks by Peter and Connie Roop.
We will also continue working on Reader’s Theater plays in class based on several historical figures. Students will work in groups to practice these plays. This work focuses on fluency, expression and allows students an opportunity to practice really projecting their voice so the audience can hear them.

Writing – Our class will wrap up our Biography writing unit this week. Students will publish their writing piece and complete final peer and self reflections for this piece.

Math – This week we will continue working on chapter 14: Time. This chapter focuses on telling time using an analog clock and differentiating between AM and PM. This is an important unit as many students struggle with telling time. At home you can help by asking your child to tell you the current time. It would be great to especially focus on telling time when the hour hand is “confusing” (for example, 10:55am since the hour hand looks like it is closer to the 11. Many students think it is 11:55).

Social Studies – We will continue Unit 2: New York City Over Time focusing on lesson four: Technology and Change. Important vocabulary: technology, elevator and skyscraper.

Science – Students will continue Unit 2: Forces and Motion. This week we will continue to learn about magnets and how they relate to force.

Spelling Words
1. crawl
2. laundry
3. author
4. taught
5. pause
6. dawn
7. extinct
8. resemble
9. disappear
10. pardon
11. enough
12. behavior
13. fountain
14. magnify
15. telescope

Important Dates!

· Wednesday March 2nd- Read Across America / Pajama Day
· Thursday March 3rd- Parent Teacher Conference / Half Day of School 11:30am dismissal


· If your child is absent please email me or call the school to let us know.
· Please be sure to submit your request for an appointment during Parent Teacher conferences. Check your child’s folder for your confirmed appointment time.