Ms. Gurino & Ms. Aragona
Class 5-305 Newsletter
Week of March 4th

*Reminders: Thursday is a ½ day for all students- Parent Teacher- Meetings start at 12:30pm After School 2:30-4:00pm Wed. and Thurs. through April 13th. Units of Study
Reading: We will be finishing Six Million Paper Clips which is a series of articles about the Holocaust. Writing: We finishing up our non-fiction unit to go along with our reading unit. Math: We are working on subtracting with unlike denominators.
Social Studies: We are finishing up the Holocaust, to help the children better understand their reading. Spelling:
future question adventure fortune picture pitcher
furniture nature direction hitch mischief motion
which old-fashioned attention choice choose chose

RULE: The “CH” sound- say each word on the list, you may hear the sound of ch but it isn’t always spelled with a ch.

Weekly Homework
ELA: A Chance for Freedom
Spelling: Write words 3X each
Math: complete the Monday column on the sheet provided.
Spelling: Write spelling words in ABC order
ELA: WWI & The Great Depression Excerpts from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s First Inaugural Address Math: complete the Tuesday column on the math worksheet.
Spelling: write ten detailed sentences
ELA: Dear Mr. President
Math: complete the Wednesday column on the math worksheet.
ELA: A New Letter for the Alphabet
Spelling: Study for spelling test
Math: complete the Thursday column on the math worksheet.
Saturday Academy Work, – If you do not attend it will be announced