Newsletter, Week of February 1st

Ms. Strocchia’s 1st Grade Newsletter
Week of February 1st

Weekly Homework- Due Friday, February 5th

Reading: Read for 15 minutes and record on log.

Writing: Answer this question in your homework notebook twice, using 2 different books:
-After reading your chosen book, practice the understanding the plot strategy. What happened in the beginning of the story? What was the problem in your story? What happened in the middle of the story? How was the problem resolved?

Math: Chapter 17 Test: Friday, February 5th
-Review Packet


Menu Activity
Choose 5 words and create a sentence for each word, OR create a story using 5 words ABC order

During the week of February 1st the students will be continuing to practice utilizing the non-fiction text features within a text. We will practice the skills of retelling and sequencing.

For writing, the children are creating their first draft of their non-fiction Community Helpers writing piece.

In math, the children are adding and subtracting to 100. They will be learning to subtract with and without regrouping with numbers to 100. There will be a review before the test Friday.

Spelling Week #14: Consonant, /le/- If the syllable ends in a vowel, the syllable is “open” and the vowel is a long sound (bu/gle-bugle). If the syllable ends in a consonant, the syllable is “closed” and the vowel is a short sound (can/dle-candle).

Cable, Middle, Circle, Purple, Example, Table, Puzzle, Stable, Turtle, Drizzle


• Please have your child bring in 1 or 2 empty boxes of cereal by Tuesday, February 9th. It is for an upcoming project!

• If your child wants to do extra research on their community helper, please have them take notes and bring in the new information to add to their writing piece!