Week of January 19th

Curriculum Matters
Reading – This week our class will continue reading Who Was John F. Kennedy? by Yona Zeldis McDonough for our Biography unit. Students will continue to build their deep conversations in their reading groups. We will pay attention to questioning, main idea, important details, and context clues.
We will also begin working on Reader’s Theater plays in class based on several historical figures. Students will work in groups to practice these plays. This work focuses on fluency, expression and allows students an opportunity to practice really projecting their voice so the audience can hear them.

Writing – Our class will work on our Biography writing unit this month. This week we will continue organizing our research. We will work on note taking- students will pay close attention to putting notes into their own words. Students should be gathering information for their body paragraphs on: 1.birth/early life/childhood, 2. adulthood/death and 3. major accomplishments/why is this person famous or well known.

Math – Students will have a test on chapter 12: Fraction on Tuesday this week. Following this unit, we will move on to chapter 13: Customary Length. This chapter focuses on measurement using inches, feet, yards and miles.

Social Studies – We will continue Unit 2: New York City Over Time focusing on lesson two: Dutch and English in New York.

Science – Students will continue Unit 2: Forces and Motion. We will focus on Chapter 3: Motion. Important vocabulary: motion, speed, force, gravity, friction

Habits of Mind- Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision
“Remind students to avoid the vagueness and abstraction — and imprecision — of terms like always, never, all, everybody, teachers, celebrities, technology, they, we, should and must. Post these kinds of words or phrases where students can be reminded of them — and know to avoid them. And hopefully know why they should avoid them.”

Spelling Words
1. July
2. February
3. March
4. April
5. May
6. June
7. September
8. August
9. October
10. December
11. November
12. Tuesday
13. Wednesday
14. Saturday
15. Thursday

Important Dates!

· Monday January 18th- No School: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day · Wednesday January 20th- Picture Retakes
· Friday January 22nd- Family Game Night 6-8pm
· Monday February 8th- No School: Chinese New Year
· Monday February 15-19th- No School: Winter Recess

· Please review your child’s progress report and send a signed copy back to school when you are finished looking it over.

· If your child is absent please email me or call the school to let us know.

· Our design residency with Ms. Dekoning has ended. Now students have a double period of Art with Ms. Beaury on Thursdays!