Ms. Gurino & Ms. Aragona
Class 5-305 Newsletter
Week of January 22nd

*Reminders: After School 2:30-4:00pm Wed. and Thurs. through April 13th. We have our trip to the Anne Frank Museum on Thursday April 21st. Units of Study
Reading: will launch our unit non- fiction unit. We will be reading Six Million Paper Clips which is a series of articles about the Holocaust.
Writing: We have just finished our Autobiography unit and are now launching our non-fiction unit to go along with our reading unit.
Math: We will begin to learn about fractions. We are starting adding fractions with unlike denominators. Science: We are finishing up rocks and minerals.
Social Studies: We will learn about the Holocaust more in depth to help the children better understand their reading.

Spelling Words –R controlled vowels. When a vowel is followed by an -r it changes the sound of the vowel. The vowel and the –r usually stay in the same syllable.
garden heartfelt charcoal hangar error consumer
scarce explorer computer charge guitar pier
scorch orchard spider quarter porch clerk
nerve churn amaze concrete evict ferment thirsty

Weekly Homework
Spelling 3x each
Math: Math fraction worksheet- fraction word problems
Reading- The Boy With The Buttery Hands
Spelling- choose 10 words to define.
Math: Adding fractions worksheet
Abc order and study for spelling test
Reading Log. Read for 30 minutes and respond to one of the questions on the reading log sheet stapled in the homework folder. Answer on loose leaf to transfer to binder, 5 sentences minimum. Math: Fraction worksheet from packet (adding fractions)
Math: Fraction worksheet from packet (shape addition)
Reading comprehension – Letter from Jackie Robinson on Civil Rights A Great Leader