week of january 11

1. Please send your child to school on time every single day. School starts at 8:10 a.m. Lateness is a disruption to instruction. 2. Please remember to check your child’s folder daily.
3. Please send your child to school with 5 sharpened #2 pencils daily.
4. Please complete all daily homework assignments on the day in which it is assigned so that the students can master the concepts that they have learned at school that day.
5. If you send in money for fundraisers, book fair, trips, etc. please send it in an envelope with your child’s name.
6. If you have any questions or comments or concerns, feel free to send a note with your child or email me at your convenience. My email address is BConti2@schools.nyc.gov

Homework for the Week of January 11, 2016
***Please refer to Homework Notebook for any changes***

Tonight students will read chapter 4 pgs. 58-72 in “The Great Fire”.
One paragraph of the response to literature assignment (either introduction or body paragraph 1) is due on Wednesday. Other reading and writing may be given based on what we accomplish each day. Math task due Friday.

We will continue our Response to Literature unit. Students are reading “The Great Fire” by Jim Murphy. “The Great Fire is a nonfiction account of one of the most devastating disasters in American history. Author Jim Murphy uses historical research and eyewitness accounts to tell the story, including explanations of how the fire started, why it spread so quickly, and how class conflict affected the city during the disaster and in its aftermath. Sources include newspaper articles, drawings, maps, photographs, and first-person accounts from survivors.” This is going to be linked directly to writing this unit. Writing
Students will work on the Response to Literature unit. Students are writing a 5 paragraph essay that responds to a question about “The Great Fire”. When they complete one question, they will move onto another essay. Math
Last week students took a pre-test on fractions. I learned that most students have a good understanding of how to add and subtract fractions. Many students need to work on equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. Students who have mastered these skills will work on an extension/enrichment activity. Science
We will continue “A World of Living Things”. We will continue to learn how living things are classified. Social Studies
We will continue Unit 2- Three Worlds Meet.