January 4th Newsletter

Ms. Strocchia’s 1st Grade Newsletter
Week of January 4th

Weekly Homework– Due Friday, December 18th

Reading: Read for 15 minutes and record on log.

Writing: Answer these questions in your homework notebook:

-Is the book you chose to read fiction or non-fiction? How do you know? What story elements or text features are shown in your chosen book?

-Author’s write texts for a purpose. Either to entertain us, or to inform us. Choose a book, and write what the author’s purpose is for writing the book. Math: Math test Friday, January 8th.


Spelling: Beginning blends-fl/fr/st/br/dr

-ABC Order
-Choose 3 words and create 3 sentences
-Menu Activity

During the week of January 4th the students will be reviewing the differences between fiction books and non-fiction books. We will practice the skill of author’s purpose and activating our schema.

We are also testing for new reading levels.

For writing, the children are being introduced to the community helpers unit. They will be shown an exemplar for what is expected for our final writing piece, and they will be introduced to our writing rubric.

We will be creating KWL charts to monitor our learning based on what we know, want to learn, and learn through this unit of study. In math, we will be reviewing how to use a calendar, learning time to the hour, and time to the half hour.

There will be a test on Friday, January 8th. For spelling this week the children will practice the beginning blends of fl/fr/st/br/dr

Spelling Words: floor, flower, street, stout, bridge, brother, frost, frozen, drive, drought

*We are limited on the amount of community helpers books in our classroom, if anyone would like to contribute community helpers books it would be greatly appreciated! Some examples of books that can be used are:
Police officers, Firefighters, Baker, Crossing Guard, Nurse, Doctor, Veterinarian, Mail Carrier, etc.