Week of December 14th

Ms. Gurino & Ms. Aragona
Class 5-305 Newsletter
Week of December 14th

Trip to “Scrooge”- Please bring in trip slips and $10 dollars by Thursday Dec. 17th Chaperones are welcomed!
After School 2:30-4:00pm Wed. and Thurs. through April 13th.

Units of Study

Reading: This week the students will continue to our autobiography unit, My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulsen. This reading unit is connected with our writing unit.

Writing: We are in the process of publishing our writing unit which is Autobiographies that is linked with our reading.
Math: We are currently working on decimals. We will learn how to multiply decimals as well as begin to divide decimals.

Science: We are learning about rocks and minerals. We have learned about Mohs Scale of Hardness and will continue to learn more about this topic and complete a science lab on minerals.
Social Studies: We will continue chapter 2 –Early Civilizations in the Americas. There will be a project on the 13 Colonies.

Spelling Words –
The long sound of “O”
hollow foam flow rowboat only
owe narrow loaves thrown swallow
following throne alone coach load
coast boast toast shadow throat

Weekly Homework

Spelling 5x each
Reading Log. Read for 30 minutes and respond to one of the questions on the reading log sheet stapled in the homework folder. Answer on loose leaf to transfer to binder, 5 sentences minimum. Math Task worksheet

Spelling- write a sentence for each word
Math task worksheet
My Life In Dog Years- complete Caesar comprehension questions pages

Abc order
Math task worksheet

Study for tomorrows spelling test.
“School for Heroes”

“A Real Life Batman”
Social Studies project Due Jan 4th