Week of Dec.14th

Week of December 14, 2015

Reading- We will be using non-fiction text to learn how to make predictions, clarify what we have read, create questions based on what we read and summarize our findings. We will also take short quizzes using these stories, learning how to answer questions straight from the story.

Writing- We will complete our Non-Fiction writing unit. Students will publish their writing and assess their work. They will assess their friend’s work as well.

Math- The students will start to learn about multiplication. They will make arrays to help solve number and picture multiplication problems.

Social Studies-In Social Studies, we will continue to learn about our oceans and continents. We will be able to identify all of the continents on a map and the oceans that surround it. We will also learn about the different landforms on each continent.

Science- We will continue learning about the Earth’s surface. We will distinguish rocks, sand and soil and learn about fossils as well. Spelling Words

1. whisk
2. tusk
3. thirst
4. feast
5. along
6. wrong
7. stamp
8. clamp
9. champ
10. think
11. skunk
12. when
13. where
14. house
15. great

I will be on Jury Duty starting Monday. I will be able to check my email, and will be in contact with the substitute teacher. Anything that is extremely important regarding your child, please call the school.

Please be sure to check your child’s take home folder each night for important notices

Holiday cards can be sent in from Dec. 7th to Dec. 22nd

Important Dates!
* Cookie decorating party- Dec. 22nd
* 2nd Grade Hip Hop Performance- Dec. 23rd