Visual Arts Drawing Unit

Dear Families,

Our collage Unit is coming to an end. Please stop by to see all of the beautiful work! Grade 5 collages are on the second floor around the corner from Mrs. Dalton’s room. Fourth Grade collages are on the third floor near Mrs. Lugo’s classroom, the 3rd Grade African masks are displayed in the Art Studio and the 1st Grade self portrait collages are on the bulletin board outside of the Art Studio. Also, the posters completed by the 2nd Grade will be displayed near each class.

Pre-K and Kindergarten just completed adorable snow globes. Some are displayed in the Kindergarten wing. The children enjoyed dipping their fingers into white paint to make the snow!! Other Pre-K winter projects include a reindeer, a mug of hot cocoa (with marshmallows on top, of course), a snowman, a penguin and a pair of ice skates.

Kindergarten winter projects include a pair of mittens, a winter hat (with a pom pom), a reindeer with cut out’s of students’ hands as the antlers, and two snowmen projects.

Our first grade students will be drawing a family portrait using oil pastels in their creations.

Second graders, in collaboration with the Architecture Residency, will draw building facades.

Our third graders will draw a lion as their “warm up” and a fish as the main project. Both drawings will include a background.

Fourth grade will be drawing a horse as their “warm up” and a bird with a background as their main project.

Fifth grade read the book “City By Numbers” by Stephen T. Johnson. As their “warm up”, the created their own number drawings. Fifth graders will be removing one sneaker, shoe, or boot, placing it on the table and sketching it!!!

Happy Holidays !!
Mrs. Beaury