Week of December 7th

Curriculum Matters

Reading – This week our class will start reading the non-fiction book Magic Tree House Fact Tracker: Dinosaurs by Mary Pope Osborne. Students are working on improving the quality of their discussion in their small reading groups. They are taking on specific roles and learning how to talk deeply about the text.
*The book projects for Pilgrims were sent home on Friday and are due Friday December 11th. As always, students must complete one project but can complete both for extra credit.

Writing – We will continue our next writing unit, Non-fiction: All About Essays. This week students will revise and edit their writing piece with peer and teacher assistance.

Math – This week students will continue to work on Chapter 7: Metric Length. We will focus especially on meters and centimeters. Students will practice measuring objects accurately with meter sticks and rulers being sure to only use the metric side of the ruler.

Social Studies – Unit 1 test on Monday.

Science – Students will have a test on the chapter on Earth’s Surface at the end of this week.

Habits of Mind- Questioning and Posing Problems: How do you know? Having a questioning attitude, knowing what data are needed and developing questioning strategies to produce those data. Finding problems to solve.

Spelling Words
1. badly
2. madly
3. quickly
4. weekly
5. daily
6. sadly
7. gladly
8. proudly
9. softly
10. loudly
11. bravely
12. pattern
13. describe
14. simple
15. determine

Important Dates!
· Wednesday December 23rd- Student Hip Hop Performance at 9am with Mrs. McMorrow (in PS 132 Performing Arts Space) · Thursday December 24th- January 3rd- Winter/Holiday Break: No School

· Please return both signed report cards as soon as you are done reviewing them. · If your child is absent please email me or call the school to let us know.