Week of December 7, 2015


1. ) Our class TADA performance will be on Monday, December 14 at 9 a.m. We are asking students to wear formal waiter/waitress attire for the performance (white top, black bottoms, optional black vest or tie). Please send your child to school already dressed for the performance.

THIS WEEK IN K-103. . .

National Geographic Kids: Polar Bears. Nonfiction text. Skills to be covered in this unit are: understanding elements of nonfiction texts, distinguishing fiction from nonfiction, understanding author’s purpose, utilizing a table of contents, identifying main idea vs. details, classifying and sorting information, using context clues, using illustrations to make and revise predictions, making and comparing text-to-self connections, and identifying physical and emotional character traits. Sight Words: who, they, because, bear, eat, when, have
Phonics/Phonemic Awareness: silent e

This week, students will continue their study of Unit 2: Nonfiction Informational Writing. They will engage in both student-teacher and peer writing conferences as they begin the next steps of the writing process: Revising and Editing. They will focus on self-assessment and checking their work for proper writing mechanics and relevant content.

Social Studies:
Unit 2: Self and Others
Focus: Voting

This week, we will launch our study of Chapter 18: Subtraction Stories. Topics to be covered in this chapter include: representing subtraction sentences, using appropriate Math symbols, understanding and utilizing subtraction language, identifying “how many more” objects are needed to complete a given set, and interpreting picture and word stories to write corresponding subtraction sentences.

Unit 1: The World Around Us
Focus: Why/how do some forms of matter retain their shape?


December 9 – PTA Meeting (7:40 a.m.)
December 14 – TADA Performance (9 a.m.)