Week of Dec. 7th

Ms. Strocchia’s 1st Grade Newsletter
Week of December 7th

Weekly Homework- Due Friday, December 11th

Reading: Read for 15 minutes and record on log.

Writing: Answer these questions in your homework notebook:

1-We have been practicing the strategies of Reciprocal Reading (predicting, questioning, clarifying, summarizing). Choose a book and make a clarification about your reading. Use clarifying stems to help you: The part that confused me was…, I’d like to know more about…, I’m not sure what the word ___ means… After you write a clarification choose one other strategy to use while reading and practice that strategy.

-Sign and return math test when received

-Diagraphs sh, th, ch
-ABC Order
-Choose 3 words and create 3 sentences
-Menu Activity

During the week of December 7th the students will continue to practice “Reciprocal Reading”, which are reading strategies to help become stronger readers. During reciprocal reading students are learning to predict, question, clarify, and summarize.

For writing, children are conferencing with their first draft of their Animal All About writing piece and beginning to publish their final piece.

In math, the children are learning about the calendar-days, weeks, months and are learning time to the hour and half hour.

For spelling this week the children will practice diagraphs /sh/, /th/, and /ch/.

Spelling Words: they, though, feather, brother, shadow, shampoo, dishes, chair, inches, lunchbox

Reminders: Creative Movement Performance- Friday, December 18th at 9:00am.