Class news week of December 7, 2015

Week of December 7, 2015

1. Please sign and return all test papers

2. Math Test: Wednesday
Multiplication Facts and Strategies:

> Draw a picture, count by 2‘s, or use doubles to multiply with the factors 2 and 4.

> Use skip counting, a number line, or a bar model to multiply with the factors 5 and 10.

> Draw a picture, use 5s facts and addition, or doubles to multiply with the factors 3 and 6.

> Use the Distributive Property to find products by breaking apart arrays.

> Use the Commutative or Distributive Property or known facts to multiply with the factor 7.

> Use the Associative Property to multiply with three factors.

> Identify and explain patterns on a multiplication table.

> Use doubles, a number line or the Associative Property of Multiplication to multiply with the factor 8.

> Use the Distribute Property of Multiplication with addition or subtraction or patterns to multiply with the factor 9.

> Solve multiplication problems by using the strategy make a table.

Be sure to review all notes, handouts, and the review sheet. Please remind students to make sure they show all work and answer in complete sentences.

3. Our Next Math topic will be quick and focus on:

Algebra: Describe Patterns

Algebra: Find Unknown Factors

Problem Solving: Use the Distributive Property of Multiplication

Multiplication Strategies with Multiples of 10

Multiply Multiples of 10 by 1- Digit Numbers

Our next Science topic is: Electricity and Magnets

In this unit students will:

• Describe static and current electricity

• Distinguish insulators from conductors and give examples

• Describe how electricity moves

• Recognize types and properties of magnets

• Recognize magnetic materials

• Uses of magnets in everyday life

• Recognize how magnets can be used to do work

• Describe the properties and uses of electromagnets

• Explain how a generator works

Spelling Words (Ending with –ed/-ing)
1. studying
2. joking
3. served
4. dropped
5. exciting
6. noticing
7. cared
8. beginning
9. dripping
10. changed
11. stopped
12. walking
13. sleeping
14. acting
15. trying
16. address
17. errand
18. collect
19. decorating
20. prepared

Writing News: Students did a beautiful job using their research to write information

essays teaching the reader about their animal of interest. As we continue to focus on

information writing, students will create information books on an expert topic.

Students will use the knowledge they are acquiring as we read and analyze elements

of non-fiction. Students will then use the mentor text (Deadliest Animals by Melissa

Stewart) to guide their writing. By the end of the unit, students will have created a

book that includes a table of contents, several chapters, and possibly a glossary.

Students will also incorporate diagrams, sidebars, and captions to further show their

understanding of non-fiction writing.



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