Newsletter for the Week of Dec. 7th, 2015

Literacy focus: Traditions/ December Holidays

Books we are reading:

– Together for kwanzaa

– My first kwanzaa book

– The Gift of Kwanzaa

Words to know:

– Kwanzaa

– Muhindi ( corn husk)

– celebration

– Mkeka (placemat)

– Traditions

Math and fun activities:

– Holiday craft

– Create number Kinara

– create a Mkeka (patterning)

– Syllable Clapping

At home:

– practice writing strokes (vertical, horizontal, Diagonal)

– practice the words to our TADA song

(3 little birds by: Bob Marley)

Parent involvement:

– PTA meeting on Thursday, Dec.10,2015 at 7am

– upcoming holiday celebration:

Tuesday, December 23 at 12:40 PM

– please see me if you would like to send in a treat


– our TADA performance will be on

Thursday, Dec. 10,2015 at 9am

– get white t-shirt and blue jeans ready for our show!!!

– Winter break begins on December 24th

return to school on Monday, January 4, 2016



Tuesday- Music and Movement ( sneakers)


Thursday- TADA SHOW @ 9am!!!!!!

Friday- show and tell