Week of 12/7/15

Reading- We will read other non-fiction books this week and have discussions in our Recipricol Reading groups.

Writing- Students will finish drafting their non-fiction writing pieces. They will also begin to edit and revise with their partners. Please be sure your child has all the research needed for this unit.

Math- The students will continue working on 2-digit addition and subtraction problems. Students will learn the steps to solving word problems and decide which strategy is needed to solve the word problems.

Social Studies- In Social Studies, we will discuss landforms.

Science- We will begin learning about the Earth’s surface. We will distinguish rocks, sand and soil and learn about fossils as well.

Spelling Words

1. snail
2. snoop
3. snow
4. sneaky
5. stop
6. stay
7. step
8. spider
9. spell
10. swim
11. sweet
12. because
13. know

Important Dates!

* December 22nd- Class cookie decorating
* December 23rd – 2nd grade Hip Hop Performance @9:00 A.M.


1. Please be sure to check your child’s H.W. folder every night.
2. Please don’t forget to send in an absence note when your child is absent from school.