Week of November 30th

Curriculum Matters

Reading – This week our class will finish reading the non-fiction book Magic Tree House Fact Tracker: Pilgrims by Mary Pope Osborne. Students are working on improving the quality of their discussion in their small reading groups. They are taking on specific roles and learning how to talk deeply about the text. We will focus on using context clues to figure out the meaning of tricky words as well as compare and contrast our lives today to how the Pilgrims lives were back then.

Writing – We will continue our next writing unit, Non-fiction: All About Essays. This week students will continue drafting their non-fiction writing piece. Students are learning how to create a topic sentence at the beginning of each body paragraph. The topic sentence is the main idea of the paragraph. Students then add details to support the main idea.

Math – This week students will work on Chapter 7: Metric Length. We will focus especially on meters and centimeters. Students will practice measuring objects accurately with meter sticks and rulers being sure to only use the metric side of the ruler.

Social Studies – This week students will review Unit 1 and prepare for the test on this unit. Date of the test to be announced. It is most important to focus on the vocabulary words in this unit.

Science – This week students will also wrap up the chapter on Earth’s Surface. We will review each lesson in class and will likely have a test the following week.

Habits of Mind – Questioning and Posing Problems: How do you know? Having a questioning attitude, knowing what data are needed and developing questioning strategies to produce those data. Finding problems to solve.

Spelling Words

1. thankful
2. cheerful
3. hopeful
4. grateful
5. thoughtful
6. useful
7. forgetful
8. painful
9. joyful
10. careful
11. connect
12. self
13. text
14. world
15. meaning

Important Dates!

· Tuesday December 1st- Field Trip to Queensborough College: Smart Math $8 for students and chaperones


· Please return both signed report cards as soon as you are done reviewing them.
· Please send your child in with an appropriate morning snack on Tuesday. Students will be allowed to eat their snack in class before we leave, as we will be eating a late lunch when we return from the trip. · Chaperones please meet us at 10am tomorrow by the security guard.