Week of November 30, 2015


1. ) Our class trip to Cooper Park is on Monday, November 30th. Students will explore and collect different objects to help them in creating new informational nonfiction writing pieces this month. All chaperones are welcome. Please arrive at the school’s main entrance by 8:40 a.m. if you wish to join us.

THIS WEEK IN K-103. . .

National Geographic Kids: Polar Bears. Nonfiction text. Skills to be covered in this unit are: understanding elements of nonfiction texts, distinguishing fiction from nonfiction, understanding author’s purpose, utilizing a table of contents, identifying main idea vs. details, classifying and sorting information, using context clues, using illustrations to make and revise predictions, making and comparing text-to-self connections, and identifying physical and emotional character traits. Sight Words: who, they, because, bear, eat, when, have
Phonics/Phonemic Awareness: ar, or

This week, students will continue their study of Unit 2: Nonfiction Informational Writing. They will use the natural objects collected at the park to analyze and create new informational nonfiction writing pieces for the month of December. They will focus on using their “scientist’s eye” to help them observe and record information.

Social Studies:
Unit 2: Self and Others
Focus: Diversity in our Community

This week, we will launch our study of Chapter 17: Addition Sentences. Topics to be covered in this chapter include: representing addition sentences, using appropriate Math symbols, and interpreting picture and word stories to write corresponding addition sentences.

Unit 1: The World Around Us
Focus: How can matter be described?


November 30 – Class Trip to Cooper Park