class news week of Nov 30th

Class News
Week of November 30, 2015

1. Students should continue to practice multiplication facts on a daily basis. Pop quizzes will be given.

2. Spelling Words for the Week /s/ and /z/

1. daisy

2. vase

3. plastic

4. zipper

5. reuse

6. sense

7. does

8. license

9. closet

10. season

11. bicycle

12. distance

13. service

14. classes

15. yesterday

16. fashion

17. photograph

18. enough

19. sincerely

20. citizen

3. S.S. test on Unit 2: Africa- Friday, December 4, 2015

– Review Unit 2 from textbook

– Review notes

– Review packet and review sheet

4. Students should review their math lessons each evening. There will be a test on Multiplication Facts and Strategies at the beginning of next week.


Read and log; November reading logs are due tomorrow
Math-handout; Study facts
Reading – Comprehension worksheet
Study S.S. notes; test Friday
Spelling- ABC order; test Friday

Read and log
Math- handout; Study facts
S.S- test Friday
Spelling- Fix the Misspelled Words

Read and log
Math- handout; Review notes
Spelling- Choice Menu
S.S. study for Friday’s test

Read and log
Math- handout; Study facts
S.S- test tomorrow
Spelling- study for tomorrow’s test

Read and log
Math- handout; Study facts
Reading- comprehension