Week of November 23, 2015


1. ) Picture Day is Monday, November 23rd. All students received a photo package envelope in their Homework folders last week. If you wish for your child to take official school photos on this day, please complete and return the photo envelope with the exact payment amount enclosed. If you need a new envelope, please let me know, and I will provide another one for you.

2.) As you know, our class (along with the entire Kindergarten grade) will host a Thanksgiving feast on Wednesday, November 25th. I’d like to extend a big “thank you” on behalf of our class to everyone who signed up to donate items for this exciting celebration! Of course, anyone who wishes to donate items others than those listed on our sign-up sheet may certainly do so, as we are grateful for all donations. Please e-mail me with your selection, should you choose to contribute.

THIS WEEK IN K-103. . .


National Geographic Kids: Polar Bears. Nonfiction text. Skills to be covered in this unit are: understanding elements of nonfiction texts, distinguishing fiction from nonfiction, understanding author’s purpose, utilizing a table of contents, identifying main idea vs. details, classifying and sorting information, using context clues, using illustrations to make and revise predictions, making and comparing text-to-self connections, and identifying physical and emotional character traits. Sight Words: who, they, because, bear, eat, when, have
Phonics/Phonemic Awareness: ow, er


This week, students will continue their study of Unit 2: Nonfiction Informational Writing. Students will continue exploring topic sentences and ways to add details to their writing.

Social Studies:

Unit 2: Self and Others
Focus: Our Country’s Origins


This week, we will launch our study of Chapter 16: Classifying and Sorting. Topics to be covered in this chapter include: classifying things by one or more attributes, sorting, matching, and identifying items that do and do ot belong to a given set.


Unit 1: The World Around Us
Focus: How can matter be sorted?


November 23 – Picture Day
November 25 – Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast
November 26 and 27 – Thanksgiving Recess (Schools closed)

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! 🙂