23 November, 2015 17:43

Ms. Gurino & Ms. Aragona
Class 5-305 Newsletter

Units of Study

Reading: This week the students will continue to our autobiography unit, My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulsen. This reading unit is connected with our writing unit.

Writing: We are in the process of working on our new writing unit which is Autobiographies that is linked with our reading.
Math: We are currently working on decimals. We will learn how to add and subtract decimals as well as review how to multiple and divide. Science:We will learn also begin Unit two -earth science.

Social Studies: We will begin chapter 2 –Early Civilizations in the Americas.

Weekly Homework


Reading Log. Read for 30 minutes and respond to one of the questions on the reading log sheet stapled in the homework folder. Answer on loose leaf to transfer to binder, 5 sentences minimum. Math Work sheet pgs 55, 56
The First Thanksgiving in reading packet


Class Trip to Richmond Town
Math worksheet pgs 57, 58
Native American Homes in reading packet


Math worksheet pgs 59, 60
They Call Them Apaches in reading packet


Math pgs. 67, 68.
Writing- Work on gathering information on your early life for your autobiography. Interview/ ask questions to your parents or family over the weekend about events or things about your early life that you may not remember to include in your writing piece.