Week of Nov. 16, 2015

Ms. Strocchia’s 1st Grade Newsletter
Week of November 16th

Weekly Homework- Due Friday, November 20, 2015


Read for 15 minutes and record on log.


Answer this question in your homework notebook:

– We have been practicing the skill of predicting. We can predict what our book is going to be about by observing the cover, pictures, and text features. Please make a prediction about a book that you read; what did you use that helped you make this prediction? After you read the book, please write if your prediction was correct.

Math: Exemplar


Test Friday: It is important that students understand the spelling rule of silent /e/ in order to differentiate between long and short vowel sounds.

– ABC Order
– ONE Menu Activity:
– Choose 3 words from the list and create a sentence.

During the week of November 16th we will continue reading the non-fiction book, “Sea Turtles”. Children will continue to make connections using text-features.

They will also be introduced to “Reciprocal Reading”. They will practice making predictions, questioning, clarifying, and summarizing.

For writing this week, we are continuing to research facts and topics about our animals, and continue creating our first draft for our non-fiction writing piece.

In math we are working on adding 3-digits together, and real-world word problems. We will have a review on addition and subtraction with regrouping. There will be a math test on Friday, November 20th.

The spelling rule this week is consonant/vowel/consonant; and consonant/vowel/consonant/e.

Spelling Words:

yes, hip, fog, pan, tug, huge, lake, flute, fame, fume.

*Reminder: Chapter 13 Math Test, Friday November, 20th.