Week of Nov. 16th, 2015

Reading – We will begin to learn about reciprocal learning. The students will learn to take ownership of their work through collaborative teaching with their peers. We will be using non-fiction books to learn how to make predictions, clarify what we have read, create questions based on what we read and summarize our findings.

Writing – We will continue our non-fiction writing unit. Students will begin to organize their notes from the previous week into sub-headings.

Math – The students will begin to work on two and three-digit subtraction problems. They will also be using this skill in word problems. Please have your child(ren) review addition and subtraction facts.

Social Studies – In Social Studies, we will continue to learn about our oceans and continents. We will be able to identify all of the continents on a map and the oceans that surround it.

Science – We will continue learning about the Earth’s surface. We will distinguish rocks, sand and soil and learn about fossils as well.

Spelling Words

1. fruit
2. freeze
3. friend
4. group
5. ground
6. gravy
7. pride
8. prince
9. prove
10. prize
11. frail
12. found
13. those
14. which
15. your

#12-#15 are 2nd Grade Sight words


– Please be sure to check your child’s take home folder each night for important notices

– Report Cards signed and returned

– Queens Zoo Field trip signed and money by Nov. 20th

Important Dates!

– Picture Day- Nov. 23rd
– Trip to Queens Zoo- Nov. 23rd
– No School Nov. 26th and 27th- Thanksgiving