Week of November 16, 2015

Class News

Students should be using the websites provided last week to practice their multiplication and math facts. If you don’t have access to a computer, children should use their flashcards instead.

Math Test – Thursday on Understanding Multiplication. Please see last week’s newsletter for lessons that will be covered.

Math News:

Topic: Multiplication Facts and Strategies

During the next few weeks, the class will be learning how to multiply with the factors 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. We will be delving into various strategies that provide practice with multiplication facts and strategies. Some of the strategies that we will be looking at very closely are:

· Drawing equal groups
· Making an array
· Skip-counting
· Skip-counting on a number line
· Making a bar model
· Using the Distributive Property to break apart an array
· Using the Associative Property of Multiplication to show the grouping of factors in another way in order to find the product
· Finding Patterns on a Multiplication Table

Students MUST know the 0-12 Multiplication facts by memory!!!

Science News:

Topic: Electricity and Magnets.

· Describe static and current electricity
· Distinguish insulators from conductors and give examples
· Describe how electricity moves
· Recognize types and properties of magnets
· Recognize magnetic materials
· Uses of magnets in everyday life
· Recognize how magnets can be used to do work
· Describe the properties and uses of electromagnets
· Explain how a generator works

Spelling Words (Words with Double Consonants)

1. spill
2. berry
3. happy
4. really
5. messy
6. lettuce
7. carrot
8. puzzle
9. traffic
10. pizza
11. errand
12. litter
13. address
14. collect
15. happen
16. however
17. about
18. flower
19. successful
20. necessary



– Read and log
– Math worksheet
– Study facts
– Spelling- ABC order
– Test Friday


– Read and log
– Math worksheet
– Study facts
– Spelling- Fix the misspelled word
– S.S.- review Africa notes


– Read and log
– Math- Study for tomorrow’s test
– Study facts
– Spelling- Choice Menu


– Read and log
– Math- worksheet
– Study facts
– Spelling- Study for tomorrow’s test


– Read and log
– Reading comprehension
– Math worksheet