Week of Nov. 16, 2015

Dear Families,

We are busy working on our collages in the Art Studio!

Pre-K is completing colorful Fall tree collages as well as turkey collages.

Kindergarten is making a shape collage, incorporating math with art.

Our first grade students are adding details (eyebrows, hair) to their self portrait collages.

Second graders learned about Romare Bearden and his work “The Block”. They have completed the collages of their own homes and they are placed on a large piece of oaktag. Each table will create their own “block” adding the sky and street to the posters. As teams, the children will add details to their posters, for example, clouds, airplanes, cars, tress and streetlights.

Our third graders, using the sketches in their sketchbooks, are creating African masks including different features from at least four different animals.

Fourth grade is creating a collage with a setting that “tells a story.” They have started to add themselves into the collages.

Fifth grade is learning about Henri Matisse and his amazing cutouts. We have read several books about this artist including “Matisse’s Garden” which goes along perfectly with our color choice lesson. Classes are starting to make their color choices for their main collage project and cutting out their shapes. All students are learning about overlapping and layering.

Our projects look fantastic!!
Happy Fall, Mrs. Beaury