week of November 9, 2015

Thank you to those parents who volunteered to chaperone for our class trip. Gigi’s parents and Janelle’s parents were selected as the chaperones this time.

As mentioned to many of you during conferences, Khan Academy is a great website for math practice. It is free. I encourage everyone to try it. I am going to register the class so I can view student progress. More information will follow.

I also encourage you to search for M DeMaio on YouTube. He is a teacher from New Jersey who parodies pop songs to help memorize the multiplication tables.


1. Please send your child to school on time every single day. School starts at 8:10 a.m. Lateness is a disruption to instruction.

2. Please remember to check your child’s folder daily.

3. Please send your child to school with 5 sharpened #2 pencils daily.

4. Please complete all daily homework assignments on the day in which it is assigned so that the students can master the concepts that they have learned at school that day.

5. If you send in money for fundraisers, book fair, trips, etc. please send it in an envelope with your child’s name.

6. If you have any questions or comments or concerns, feel free to send a note with your child or email me at your convenience. My email address is BConti2@schools.nyc.gov

Looking Ahead

1. November 11 – Veteran’s Day- No School
2. November 12 – Class Trip
3. November 19 – PTA meeting 6pm
4. November 23 – Picture Day
5. November 26 & 27 – Thanksgiving – No School

Homework for the Week of November 2, 2015
***Please refer to Homework Notebook for any changes***

Spelling and Math homework is due on Fridays.
Reading responses will also be due on Friday this week.

Spelling – 3x each, practice for quiz Friday

Math – Task due Friday

Reading Responses – 2 due on Friday.

Students should use the biographies they chose to answer the following questions:

1) What is one challenge that this person faced? How did he or she work to overcome this challenge?

2) Why would an author write a biography about this individual?

***Guidelines Fun Friday:***

– Students may bring in board games and electronic devices. – I will keep the electronic devices locked up in the classroom. – Students will only be allowed to use the devices during fun Friday. – All electronic devices should have a protective case. – Students are responsible for anything they bring to school.


We will continue our biography unit. The class will read a John F. Kennedy biography. They will learn how a biography is different from other types of books, and will look for specific details about JFK’s life.


In Writing, we will also continue the biography unit. The students will choose a biography from the library or book store. The book should be on or close to their individual reading level. Students should challenge themselves by also reading articles or multiple books about the same person (using multiple sources). Students will use these sources to write a biography on the person of their choice. Readings will be assigned for homework and the reading responses during this unit will be from the biographies the students are reading for their writing unit.


We will begin “A World of Living Things”.


We will review the Chapter 3 multiplication test (most students did extremely well) and begin Chapter 4 – division. We will spend time focusing on long division and division word problems.

Social Studies

We will complete Chapter 2, learning more about Native Americans. Students will have time to presents their Social Studies projects.

Spelling Words for Week of November 9, 2015

1. voice
2. focus
3. damage
4. background
5. weird
6. final
7. bottom
8. division
9. being
10. wear
11. caught
12. through
13. happen
14. chance
15. attack
16. edge
17. awful
18. worried
19. impossible
20. probable